5 Tips To Crack The IAS Interview
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5 Tips To Crack The IAS Interview.

The UPSC exams are conducted every year to fill up various vacancies for different services of the government. The Civil Services Exam or the CSE is conducted by the UPSC and comprises of two exams namely the prelims and the mains. The IAS is among the two All India group A service, the other being the IPS. Unlike the other civil services posts, the candidates appointed as an IAS or a IFS becomes ineligible to reappear in the CSE thereafter.

The IAS exams are conducted in three phases which include the prelims, the mains and the final personality test. It is mandatory for the candidates to clear each stages in order to clear the IAS exam. The candidates clearing the mains paper get selected for the personality test or the Interview where the potential and the commitment of the candidates are evaluated. This is the stage where the candidates get nervous and end up with poor performance during the interview. So, to help the candidates give their best performance, 5 tips to crack IAS interview are given here that are sure to help the candidates prepare better and crack the interview with ease.

1.Start your preparation early

As the CSE mains exam is generally conducted in December and the Interview in March, the candidates get only 3 months to prepare for the interview which is a bit less considering the high competition for the final selection. Therefore, it is suggested that the preparation for the interview should be taken beforehand to get an edge in the competition. Starting the preparation a year before would really prove to be helpful during the interview.

2. Develop proper body-language and etiquettes

The interview primarily focusses on the personality of the candidates and how well mannered they are. Thus, it is very crucial for the candidates to develop their personalities before the interview. The panel observes every detail of the candidates from the firmness of handshake to the postures and speaking tone, etc. So, the candidates should focus on these habits and improve accordingly.

3. Prepare frequently asked questions

There are certain questions that are asked in the IAS interview most of the time like the reason to join IAS, about new changes, etc. These questions are very important to judge the attitude of the candidates. So, prepare for proper answers to such questions and be honest during the interview. Speak confidently and be truthful about everything asked as the panel members can generally identify lies and that leaves a negative impression of the candidate.

4. Develop positive thoughts and proper communication skills

The positive thoughts play a very important role in maintaining the required composure during the interview. The negative thoughts always affect negatively and that may hamper the performance during the interview. Also, it is very important to develop proper communication skills, be it English or Hindi. The language of the candidates is very important for the final selection as the civil services always require well-spoken officers to serve the nation.

5. Get well acquainted with the current affairs

The panelists always focus on the knowledge that the candidates posses about the recent happenings, general awareness regarding social and political matters and the static general knowledge. So, it is suggested that the candidates should get prepared with the current affairs and other socio-political matters so that to build up the required confidence for the interview and answer any of the questions that the panelists throw. Hence, follow the news regularly and keep being updated with all the recent happenings around the society.

These aforementioned tips can help the candidates clear the IAS interview and get selected for the post. As there is a lot of competition in the IAS exams, the aspirants should keep being motivated and focussed for the exam. The interviewers are generally experts with many years of experience and thus they can easily recognize the best from the lot. With proper knowledge, confidence, dedication and honesty, even the tough IAS interview can also be cracked in a cinch.