Bulandshahr Rape
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Bulandshahr Rape: ‘Daughter Was Bleeding, Doctor Said We’re Lying’.

BULANDSHAHR:  For nearly three hours on Friday night, a woman and her teen daughter were gang-raped near a highway in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr. The men of the family were tied up and beaten in the fields.
Their nightmare didn’t end when the police and doctors came into the picture.

When the battered and wounded family reached a government hospital, the woman doctor on duty was far from comforting.

Bulandshahr Rape Horror: 'Daughter Was Bleeding, Doctor Said We're Lying'
“I had bruises all over…my daughter was bleeding…but the doctor didn’t believe us. She said we were lying about her condition,” the 35-year-old rape survivor told NDTV.

The teenager, shaking and desperate, was allegedly told to “sit quietly in a corner” by the doctor.

“The women were already traumatized. They didn’t know how to react to the rough behavior,” said the survivor’s brother-in-law, who witnessed the attack.


The doctor has refused to respond to the charge. Sources close to her claim she stayed beyond her shift for the family and was misunderstood because she tried to follow proper procedure for rape examinations.

The police were no help either, alleges the family.

The cab driver whose wife and daughter were attacked said he tried the police number 100 for 15 minutes but either got a busy tone or no response.

The family was attacked at 1.30 am. When the police finally arrived, it was after 5 am.

Bulandshahr Rape Horror: 'Daughter Was Bleeding, Doctor Said We're Lying'

“It took us hours to convince cops to send a team. When they finally came we had to beg them to register our case, they didn’t believe us,” the cab driver’s brother said.


Three days later, the family, which has stayed in Noida for 18 years, hasn’t returned home.

“I don’t know how we can face our neighbours and friends…The media is at our doorstep, people know what happened. A friend we were staying with has asked us to leave,” said the 39-year-old, choking up while talking about his daughter. “You know what they did to my daughter…she doesn’t speak much. Either hang them or we will hang ourselves.”

The police today said three of the accused have been identified by the family and arrested. Five more are believed to be missing.