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जामिया टाईम्स के पत्रकार की एक रिपोर्ट :- कोन है इमरान प्रतापगढ़ी ?

आइए आपको बताता हू की जब देश मै हिंसक घटनाए हुई या फिर किसी मजबूर ओर लाचार पर अत्याचार किया गया तो उसकी मदद को सिर्फ़ आगे आए इमरान प्रतापगढ़ी! चाहे वो अखलाक का वाकेया हो या मिन्हाज़ का! ओर अब राबिया का!!!! यही नहीं बिहार जब बाढ़ से ग्रसित था तब अपनी पूरी टीम […]

Human Body Parts: Differentiate a Boy and a Girl
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Human Body Parts : Differentiate a Girl and a Boy.

Human body consists of various organ systems for respective life processes like digestive system for digestion; respiratory system for respiration etc. Every organism ensures its continuation on earth by a life process called reproduction. The organ system which helps in reproduction is known as the reproductive system. The reproductive system or genital system is a set of internal and […]

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Importance of Biology in Our Everyday Lives.

The term biology would comprise life and living beings in general. Since humans fall under the category of living beings, one could state that it would be helpful in explaining about the happenings both around and within us. After reading this, one might wonder as to how important is biology for us in our day […]

Long queues outside banks a ‘serious issue’, says SC on demonetisation
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Long queues outside banks a ‘serious issue’, says SC on demonetisation

Out of the four PILs in the apex court on the demonetisation issue, two were filed by Delhi-based lawyers Vivek Narayan Sharma and Sangam Lal Pandey, while two others were filed by individuals, S Muthukumar and Adil Alvi. The Supreme Court on Friday dubbed as a “serious issue” the long queues outside banks and post […]

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Top Sarkari Naukri for 10th, 12th, Graduate, Post Graduate

Andhra Police 4548 Vacancies – Online registration started 14 Sep MAHADISCOM – 2542 Substation Assistant Posts 20 Aug Zila Panchayat Jashpur – 363 Panchayat Lecturer Posts 12 Aug LIC Thane – 200 LIC Agent Posts 31 Aug GPSC – 150 Veterinary/Agriculture Officers 16 Aug Air India Limited – 76 Consultant & Others 24 Aug AASL […]

Mohammed Shahid: One of India’s best- hockey player in india-dribbles away into the skies.
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Mohammed Shahid: One of India’s best- hockey player in india-dribbles away into the skies.

You did not have to be part of an audience at a brightly-lit stage magic show to watch the beauty of his craft. You did not even have to be child to aspire to watch his mystical skills conjure dream sequences. You just had to turn up at a hockey game featuring Mohammed Shahid to […]


Babur, founder of Mughal Empire died in December 485 years ago: 10 facts you must know about Babur

Babur, the founder of the largest dynasty India has ever seen, passed away on December 26 in 1530. Considered as one of the finest Mughal emperors, Babur succeeded in securing the dynasty’s position in Delhi after a series of Sultanates failed to consolidate their seats. On his 485th death anniversary, we bring to you 10 […]

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How embarrassing deadly Cancer symptoms could be?

Experts have warned that a generation of women risk dying of embarrassment, because they are ignoring the symptoms of gynaecological cancers. A survey by the charity, The Eve Appeal, reveals one in five women believe the five cancers – womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal cancers – are linked to sexual promiscuity. The research shows […]


Don’t try to destroy your anger, transform it into constructive energy.

Don’t try to destroy your anger, transform it into constructive energy, writes -THICH NHAT HANH. To sit is not enough. We have to be at the same time.To be what? To be is to be a something, you cannot be a nothing.To eat, you have to eat something, you cannot just eat nothing.To be aware is […]

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A Muslim challenge to the ideology of the Islamic State.

JAKARTA: The scene is horrifyingly familiar. Islamic State soldiers march a line of prisoners to a riverbank, shoot them one by one and dump their bodies over a blood-soaked dock into the water. But instead of the celebratory music and words of praise expected in a jihadi video, the soundtrack features the former Indonesian president, […]