Chilly Winds Freeze Delhi, No Relief From Cold Soon.
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Chilly Winds Freeze Delhi, No Relief From Cold Soon.

After playing hide and seek with the city, the famous Delhi winters have finally made an appearance. On Tuesday, cold day conditions had gripped the city, with day maximums settling at 15.7°C.

Minimum temperatures had also witnessed significant drop of three degrees as it settled at 6°C as compared to 8.9°C on Monday.

Though city has witnessed steep night temperatures but weather was chillier on Tuesday. This was due to icy cold northwesterly winds that are blowing straight away from snow-clad mountains of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

Moreover, these winds were moderate to strong in nature with speed oscillating between 11 kmph-15 kmph. As per weathermen, the stronger these winds, the more cold weather it would be. Hence, these winds are responsible for the chill in the atmosphere.

Further, these chilly winds will continue to persist over the entire region on Wednesday. Though cold day conditions are likely to abate but icy winds will keep the weather cold. Bright sunshine will also be ruled out today on account of upper haze and low clouds. But, brief sunshine is likely during some parts of the day. Till now, national capital had been witnessing erratic changes in both minimum and maximum temperatures. On Saturday, Delhi had recorded minimum temperature of 3.2°C, however, temperatures increased significantly in span of 24 hours and settled at 8.6°C on Sunday. The reason for this sudden increase and decrease in temperatures can be attributed to change in wind directions due to back to back Western Disturbances over Jammu and Kashmir.

Source: skymetweather