Global Hacking Competition

Global Hacking Competition: Lucknow boys secure third spot.

LCKNOW: After proving their mettle in BattleHack Singapore (in April this year), three boys from Lucknow, who represented Singapore in the BattleHack World Finals 2015, secured the third spot amidst stiff challenges posed by teams from Venice (which bagged the first prize) and Toronto (which bagged the second prize). Team Singapore consisted of Amulya Khare, Mohit Kanwal and Rajul Gupta (all three from Lucknow), while Arvin Sabu Joseph is from Mumbai. In all, there were 14 teams from all over the world, which took part in the international contest.

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The quartet in the competition created BitHive. Elaborating more on BitHive, Mohit Kanwal, one of the team members, said, “BitHive provides a solution that expands the availability of internet access. BitHive helps in expanding the ambit of internet access in developing countries and other regions, where it is still often limited, by creating a smart network device that caches Internet content to share between multiple users.”

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