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Hrithik Roshan’s wants a bachelor pad like katrina

t has been quite a while sinceHrithik Roshan shifted to hisnew bachelor pad. The actor has been excited about new abode and didn’t want to compromise on its design. Architect Ashiesh Shah, who has designed Hrithik’s home revealed that how Hrithik was mighty impressed with Katrina Kaif’s home (also designed by Shah) and wanted to have hisplace designed on the same lines.

Shah has been quoted in a report as saying that Hrithik called him to tell that he had loved Katrina’s Bandra home and that he wanted the same vibe in his house too. Shah revealed that they needed the space to function differently at different times. He said that he designed the place in a way that it could be used both as a bachelor pad and a family home depending upon the requirement.


 For that, Shah had to make sure that there were moveable elements in the house. The architect further tells that anytime one felt like watching a movie, there is a screen which could be pulled down and at other times, it serves as a graffiti wall. He also said that the house has lighting at different levels which has been designed to suit different moods. We bet you have already turned green with envy!

source: Times Of India