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ILEANA D’Cruz reveals why Akshay Kumar was asked to pull his pants up

Ileana D’Cruz, who plays Akshay Kumar’s wife in ‘Rustom’, says she had a lot of fun shooting for the film that is based on the 1959 incident that made headlines across India. But what she found most amusing throughout the shoot was the way director Tinu Suresh Desaiwould ask all men, including Akshay, to pull up their pants before he called ‘Action!’.



Recalling that the team has paid special attention to details, the actress says, “During that time, high-waist pants were in vogue and men and women alike would wear their bottoms high up. There have been so many instances when Akshay and I would be chilling on the set during breaks and as soon as the camera started rolling, our director would shout, ‘Chalo sab log pant upar keench lo’. It was so funny seeing the men pull up their pants so that it would rest above their waist.”





source: Times Of India