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Irfan Habib, Indian historian: India should support Palestine.

Aligarh: A group called ‘Indian People in Solidarity with Palestine’ organized a symposium at Aligarh Muslim University here. Speaking at the event, historian Irfan Habib said, “India has supported the Palestinian people in their struggle against occupation by Israel. However, in the last couple of decades, India has stopped condemning the bombardments and atrocities inflicted on Palestine by Israel. India should continue its long tradition of showing solidarity with the Palestinian cause and break its silence on all attacks on Palestine.”

Anand Singh, a founding member of the group that organized the meeting, said, “Right from the beginning the Israeli Zionists took the help of western imperialist nations in their campaign of grabbing the land of the Palestinian people. Western imperialists supported the Zionist project because of the geopolitical and strategic importance of the Middle East. Even today, Israel cannot accomplish its genocidal campaign without the support of USA.”


Mohibul Haque of the department of political science at AMU said, “Western imperialist powers, with institutions like World Bank, IMF and WTO, have ensured that resistance movements worldwide are criminalized, labelled as acts of terrorism. This has happened with Palestine too.”

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