Kashmir lawmaker: Restrain from labelling Muslims as terrorist.

AIP-president-and-MLA-Er-RashidSrinagar: Reacting to multiple terror attacks in Paris, Jammu and Kashmir’s Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) said the people of Kashmir have deep sympathy to those families whose relatives were killed in the attack.

Condemning the incident, AIP president and MLA Er Rasheed has said that no one can feel better the pain of the families whose relatives were killed in series of attacks in Paris, as people of Kashmir have been witnessing such incidents right from 1989.

While addressing a public meeting at Akad Pahalgam in the Valley, Er Rasheed urged the international community to find realistic and pragmatic ways and means which could ensure supremacy of humanity.

“Let there be no doubt that nothing is in the hands of common man in this world to stop State and non-State actors from doing such barbaric acts. However, States, big or small, have to be more accommodative and need to resolve the genuine political issues of the people.

The foundation stone for making humanity to bleed was laid by Russia when it invaded Afghanistan. Those blaming Muslims of being intolerant and terrorists need to answer who destroyed Iraq and Middle East, why was Ahmad Mursi, a democratically elected Prime Minister thrown to prison.”

Er Rasheed said that while India is also crying of being a victim of terror but doesn’t show its willingness to resolve the political dispute of Jammu and Kashmir.

“How can State-sponsored terrorist Hindu groups called VDCs be justified in J&K. It is not only Muslim groups but Hindu Naxels, Tamils, Christians, Bhudists, Communists and many other ethnic groups in the world are indulged in militant and underground activities, thus people should restrain from labelling Muslims as terrorist and should rather focus on resolving issues cutting across religious lines for a durable peace in the world,” Er Rasheed emphasized.