Lalu Yadav and Sushil Modi in Friday evening Twitter feud
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Lalu Yadav and Sushil Modi in Friday evening Twitter feud

NEW DELHI: Former union minister for railways and RJD National President Lalu Prasad Yadav and BJP politician Sushil Modi found themselves in an acerbic Twitter spat on Friday evening. The two senior leaders began their weekend by quarreling over the Indian railways. The arguments turned nasty, with a liberal dash of sarcastic comments about “tea sellers” being railway”experts”.

It began when Yadav tweeted: “Indian Railways is rapidly slipping into a financial morass and terminal debt trap. To avert the impending tragedy, it time to think anew”. He went on to dissect the Railways by the numbers, cushioning his arguments with its gross traffic numbers, operating ratio, and projected net loss. Sushil Modi interjected with a response directed at Yadav saying: “@laluprasadrjd milked railways like cow but Modiji know Rlys better than you bcose (sic) he served tea with milk on platform.”

Yadav soon retorted with a bovine analogy of his own: “What a rubbish logic! Do u kw wat happens when u don’t milk a Cow?..cow falls sick..& this is wat happening now..samjhe ki nahin (get it or not?)” Over the next two tweets he went on to add: “U mean if smbdy selling tea at plateform (sic) is a railway expert & can turn railway in profit then ask PM to appoint all tea sellers as advisors to railways & gv all tea sellers across India class 1 officers facilities, so tht railway gets into profit”

The fight was still not over. Sushil Modi re-armed himself with another three tweets and fired off: “Are you blaming Nitish Kumar for the so called mess of Rlys bcose you inherited from him? You claim you brought turn around in Rlys then why failed miserably in Bihar (sic)? Ask Nitish Kumar about your tenure as Rly Minister ? Is he ready to give you certificate?

 The bickering went on for even longer from here with Yadav pointing to a BJP member who he said had been favourable in his review of Yadav’s tenure as union minister for railways.By night, the sexagenarians seemed to have given up their Twitter feud for Friday evening as no more comments were made.
Source: timesofindia