Currency demonetisation: Spirits sink further as queues get longer
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Currency demonetisation: Spirits sink further as queues get longer

NEW DELHI: There is a sense of deja vu about the queues, catcalls, grumbling and the dejection at the banks and ATMs. There is also an exhausted air around the whole exercise, as people continue to be put to the test in trying to grab their cash.
Nigar Sultana’s son tried to get the promised Rs 4,000 for four days. Failure brought his mother, a resident of Old Delhi, to the bank on Wednesday . After four hours in the line, the 54-year-old said, “I was forced to come here today because we now need cash urgently . This is despite my health not allowing me to stand like this for long hours.”

The day brought new frustrations for expectant people like her. Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) directive on using indelible ink to mark the fingers of those availing the exchange meant that many banks did not supply the acceptable currency notes for lack of the ink.

Currency demonetisation: Spirits sink further as queues get longer
The Central Bank of India branch in Gulmohar Park, for one, had many complainants, many of whom pleaded in vain with the bank volunteers to relax the rule. There were few who could triumph in their inked finger, among them a handful at Jor Bagh’s Dena Bank.

Under the circumstances, people continued to be denied their money . Vinod Kumar, a youngster who works in a south Delhi restaurant, began his stake out at the SBI branch at Old JNU Campus at 6am, desperate and determined after having failed to get any cash there on three earlier days or at two other banks in the locality.

Kushi Ram, a guard at an HDFC branch in Old Delhi, is a victim of such persistence. He hasn’t gone home in five days for fear of people setting up beds at the bank entrance.

People are also coming to are as in the city that they think are better serviced by banks than their localities.
thoughts brought Minakshi Bansal and her husband to Hauz Khas from Usmanpur, the latter forced to apply for leave at his workplace to make the trip. Computer operator Si nod Kumar Kamat came from Faridababd to the SBI branch at Green Park with his 9-month-old daughter and wife, who stood in the women’s queue to have better odds at getting to the exchange counter.
Mohammad Faizan and three family members were at Jor Bagh because getting money for his sister’s marriage was proving almost impossible in Old Delhi.

Source: timesofindia